Can i take a decongestant with nyquilCan i take a decongestant with nyquil

Best Answer: Oh my god nose drops are terrible.. I saw that someone said something about pseudoephedrine.. LOL I sprayed that crap up my nose like 10 times. Yes, you can . The decongestant in Sudafed does not react with Bactrim antibiotics.. Can you take Zyrtec and NyQuil together? Not recommended.

Is it ok to take NyQuil if you already took nasal decongestants a few hours ago? ChaCha Answer: Well, that all depends on how long ag. Pseudoephedrine (30 mg/15 mL) (nasal decongestant ) NyQuil Cough . Nyquil Cough contains a cough suppressant and antihistamine but no painkiller. Can I mix nyquil and sudafed?. Can I take both at the same time?. . using to many nasal decongestants are bad for your body and MAY cause liver damage.. NyQuil liquid is a decongestant , do not take NyQuil liquid for several days before the test because it may decrease your response to the skin tests. Best Answer: Phenylephrine is what drug dealers make Meth from. By itself it can cause your heart to beat fast (tachycardia), and can cause you to feel.